Real Estate

As real estate attorneys in Maryland, we know that buying or selling a home or other residential real estate can be an exciting venture.  We also know the consequences that can occur when transactions go wrong. Our firm provides legal advice and representation to clients in residential real estate transactions and litigation matters. We can help you find solutions to your difficult real estate issues.

We represent property owners, landlords, buyers, commercial tenants, and other parties in a wide range of real estate-oriented litigation including construction litigation, purchase and sale disputes including disagreements regarding disclosures, real estate fraud, condition of the property and legal uses, quiet title actions, disputes related to easements and encumbrances, and protecting landowners’ rights. Real estate disputes are some of the most fiercely fought, not only because of the close relationships between the parties, but also because the stakes are often high. Real estate values are usually worth the risk of the battle.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, home-owner or seasoned professional, we will assess and explain all the legal and financial aspects of your real estate dispute, offering helpful guidance on your risks and options.


No matter what your real estate need, we will discuss the various options available to you and help you make confident decisions about your real estate ventures.

We bring creative solutions to unique situations and hope we can do this for you. Our knowledge of real estate law allows us to handle a broad range of legal concerns whether they involve a dispute or if the matter simply pertains to facilitating a real estate transaction.

We can advise and assist you in safeguarding your interests in residential and commercial property and investments throughout Maryland. Real estate matters can have the tendency to create confusion and in some instances financial strife.  There are Maryland Real Estate laws and procedures that dictate how formal processes involving property must be handled. Don’t allow yourself to get entangled in a real estate dispute that could have been handled at an earlier juncture. Planning and approaching real estate matters with attention to detail can prevent an unintended consequence from occurring. Speak to us today to discuss your Real Estate issue. We are here to assist you.